Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions













  • I did the land register statement without topography. Can I submit it later?

Yes, there is a possibility to request additional information, such as the topographical. You also need the proof of the statement.


  • What about the properties you will not declare?

These properties are recorded as "unknown owner". After the completion of the cadastral survey, which lasts about 4 years, a 7-year period is in effect for domestic residents as well as for the Greek State, foreign residents and permanent workers abroad. Specifically for the cadastral survey areas of the years 1997 - 1999, the above deadline is fourteen (14) years for both residents and foreign residents.


  • I have submitted an ownership declaration to the Cadastre. Is there a chance that i will be asked to visit the Cadastral Survey Office?

Yes. Since the documents you have submitted are not sufficient for the identification of position and boundary lines of your property, you will be asked to visit the Cadastrak Survey Office in order to identify your property on the maps that you will be shown there.


  • Cam I submit an ownership declaration to the Cadastre for a right I have with a preliminary agreement?

A preliminary agreement isn’t a deed transcribed the Land Registry Office. Consequently, it doesn’t ensure that you own the property. You should proceed with settling such pending issues in order to submit your declaration to the Cadastre. Please note the following: If 20 years have passed since the date the preliminary agreement was signed and meanwhile you possess the property, then you can declare it claiming the right of extraordinary usucaption and producing the preliminary agreement as a document that substantiates your right.


  • I have submitted a declaration to the Cadastre and now I want to sell my property. Is it necessary to attach a cadastral certificate?

No, it isn’t necessary to attach a certificate or an attestation of having submitted a declaration in order to transfer your property. The buyer has the obligation to declare the property that they have acquired to the competent Cadastral Survey Office within one month from the date it is transcribed to the Land Registry Office. It is noted that this declaration isn’t overdue? It is provided by law so that the cadastral database is kept updated during the interim stage of the cadastral survey procedure (for more information click here ). A certificate attesting that a declaration has been submitted is needed for any contracts, judicial actions or registering a deed to Land Registry Office involving your property after the suspension.


  • What area is defined as rural and how can i find out if the area of my interest is characterised as rural?

In cadastral maps, an area is defined as rural, if it falls outside either the town plan or the boundaries of a settlement which existed prior to 1923 or the boundaries of a settlement with less than 2.000 residents which has been delineated but does not present features of systematic building development.

If your property is located in an area falling outside a town plan you can address the local Cadastral Survey Office to find out if it is about a rural or an urban area.


  • In case it is impossible for me to visit the Cadastrak Office to receive the certifivates I applied for, can a third person receive them on my behalf ?

In the application forms for the issue of certificates there is a field where you can fill in the details of the person you wish to receive the requested certificates on your behalf, for once the present their Identification Card.


  • What is considered as an auxiliary space? When are the storage rooms and parking spaces declared as a separate right (so one needs to pay for them) ?

An auxiliary space is a storage room or a parking space. They are declared to the Cadastre only if they constitute individual properties, for example they bear a percentage on the building plot.


  • What types of properties are declared in the National Cadastre?

The types of properties declared in the National Land Registry are the following:

  1. Land plots
  2. Vertical properties
  3. Horizontal properties
  4. Horizontal on perpendicular property
  5. Special property items