Privacy Policy

The compilation of the land registry of a region is defined as the process of recording the real or other registered rights of individuals or legal entities in real estate of a particular region of the country and the association of these rights with a specific property as defined and illustrated by control procedures and technical processing in cadastral charts.The documentation process concerns the local authorities of the rest of Magnesia, as presented in the KT5-11 contract of the KTIMAT16 and the website .The Website belongs to the branded company The Cadastral of Magnesia LP, which manages its opration.


The Cadastre of Magnesia LP took over from the company Hellenic Cadastre, the Cadastral study for the completion of the National Cadastre to Agia Triada Local Agencies, Agio Ioanni, Agioi Theodoroi, Almuroy, Amaliapolis, Anavras, Anthotopou, Achiliou, Vrinaina, Drimona, Efxinoupoli, Kokkoti, Kofon, Platano, Pteleou, Sourpis, Filakis, Aidiniou, Glafyron, Mikrothives, Sesklou, Argalastis, Lauko, Metochi, Milina, Promyri, Trikeri, Agio Georgio Feron, Aerinoy, Velestino, Kanalia, Keramidi, Kerasias, Mikro Perivolaki, Perivlepto, Rizomylo, Klima and Skopelos.

The protection of personal data is very important to us and we take steps in this direction when you visit us.This policy lists the kind of information we can collect during your visit to the site and how we use this information.When you voluntarily provide us with personal information, such as your name or email address, we treat this information with absolute confidentiality.Subject to specific provisions of this policy, no personal information is being leased, selling, posting or sharing to other companies, organizations, or websites.

The Cadastral of Magnesia LP when executing the above project, considers data confidentiality as a fundamental component of the business. Our privacy policy and practices focus on collecting, sharing and storing personal information properly and legally while granting confidentiality, integrity and availability.

The Cadastral of Magnesia LP is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016  ( GDPR), which is a directly binding legislative act. The Regulation creates some new rights for individuals and strengthens some of the rights that existed under the directive 95/46/EΚ, which is repealed as of May 25, 2018. This policy has complied with the GDPR and its national applications.

The privacy policy is under its responsibility Cadastral of Magnesia LP which has overall responsibility for the attestation of conformity. The Cadastral of Magnesia LP is the person responsible for data protection and will determine the purposes and means of collecting personal data submitted and collected.


What data are we processing you?

The collects and stores personal data within the EU and will be able to demonstrate compliance with EU law. as well as with our principles set out here. This policy is part of the Joint Venture current GDPR. The statement explains what kind of information we collect from visitors and how we use this information.In particular, we collect and process the following items:

  • Personal information, such as name and surname
  • Contact details such as home address and email

Also, aggregated data are collected from your navigation on the website and show your preferences, the frequency of your visits, the duration of these, etc.These data are automatically collected through cookies when you visit the site and are combined with similar items we have collected for other visitors.