Start of the Official Publicly Posting of the Cadastral Data in Areas of Magnesia and Sporades

13 Oct 2023

All those who own real estate in areas of the Regional Unit of Magnesia and Sporades that on October 17, 2023 the Posting of Land Registry Data will begin.

The Posting process is carried out completely digitally, without the obligation of the citizen to be present in person at the Land Registry Office.

Owners, after updating their contact details, on the website, can check and confirm or correct the registration of their property, thus avoiding legal proceedings that cost time, money and inconvenience.

Specifically they should see and check:

The description and legal information of their properties (Land Table)
The boundaries of their parcels of land (Cadastre Chart)
If they agree with the Post, they do not need to take any further action.

The Temporary Cadastre Charts and Temporary Cadastre Tables will be posted in the Land Registry Office and will remain posted for two (2) months, starting on October 17, 2023.
Anyone with a legal interest may, within a period of two (2) months from the above date, submit a request for correction of cadastral data against the data of the Post electronically through the "Electronic Services" of the Hellenic Land Registry at, or to the competent Land Registry Office , by appointment.

For foreign residents and the Greek State, the corresponding deadline is four (4) months. In particular, for the request for the correction of a type of error, the deadline for submission is until 19-04-2024. Late declarations can be submitted until the same date.
From the start of this Posting, the formalities of article 5 of Law 2308/1995 (relating to the drawing up of contracts, the discussion before a court and the registration of any act in the Mortgage Registry) come into force.