Statement by the President

15 Nov 2018

The President of the Greek Cadastre, Professor Vyron Nakos, made the following statement:

"The time has come for the important development work of the National Land Registry to enter into a final phase of integration so that citizens can take advantage of a modern and secure system of registration and disclosure of the rights of their real estate.

For our part, we redesigned the cadastral contest for the rest of the country, and today 27 of the 32 studies are evolving normally.

At the same time, it is redesigned and is already in productive mode, the new electronic application for submitting a cadastre declaration, which in a very friendly way to citizens, allows them to declare their properties with precision and ease, without being disturbed.

However, for the successful completion of the project, it is crucial that we prepare and participate all in the process of collecting the statements.

To secure our property, our heritage and to stand up to the new generation, which will receive a secure and guaranteed property environment and a modern and valuable development tool.

We start on Monday, November 19, from the Region of the South Aegean (Agathonisi, Astypalea, Kalymnos, Lipsi, Leros, Karpathos, Kasos, Nisyros, Megisti, Tilos and Halki).

We invite citizens with property in the above areas to submit a declaration of their real estate to the relevant Cadastre Office or electronically through the website of the organization until 19 February 2019 (and 20 May 2019 for foreign residents and the Greek State) .

It is a good idea for citizens to visit the Land Site regularly to start the collection of declarations in other areas or for any information as well as call 210- 6505600.

All the executives of the organization and the contractors, but also myself, we will be constantly at the service of the citizen, with the common aim and goal of completing one of the most important reforming projects of modern Greek history. "